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Roseli Huerta

Master Lash Artist / Educator

ABOUT THE FOUNDER of Yanzi Prolash

Roseli Huerta is the founder of YANZI Pro Lash. She started doing lashes in 2016 by “accident” as she likes to call it. She used to be a hairstylist assistant in Corona Del Mar, CA, and had to get surgery that prevented her from standing and walking for 12 hours + doing hair, so she applied at a studio where she was taught to do lash extensions. 


Roseli took the training seriously and would go home and practice night after night every day after work and would practice doing lashes on family and friends. She would do research on products and ingredients, watch videos on Instagram and take in the advice given on social media by other lash artists.


Eventually, she ended up leaving the studio where she was first trained to do lashes and started renting out a station at another salon where she was taught by one of her co-workers how to do volume lash extensions. Again, she would watch videos on Instagram and Youtube and would practice night after night to perfect her craft.


She moved from salon to salon looking for the perfect place and every time she moved her clients would follow her - even if it was a 20 mile difference. Soon enough she would have colleagues asking her what she did to have her clients follow her from salon to salon. That’s when she realized that her clients either followed her because of her personality or her work….or maybe both.


This lashing career wasn’t an accident, so she kept her lash exploring going…..

Why YANZI Pro Lash?

At YANZI Pro Lash we focus on quality work only. We make sure that your lashes will stay on for a minimum of three weeks, that you won't get an allergic reaction, and that you get proper education with us. When you come to us - we will make sure that you understand WHY you are using certain products, what each ingredient is, what it does, how to manipulate the product and why you are getting a specific type of lash put on.

Why do I do it?

September 26, 2021: “As I sit here on my parents bed, next to my cat, typing this on my laptop, on a Sunday night (it’s now 10:06 PM PST) I’ll tell you why I do this. I mainly do this because I want to create a business for my daughter that I should be giving birth to in about 19 days - a business that I can pass down to her, a business that she can call her own, so when she grows up - she will know that she does not have to depend on no one, but herself.”


I want to create this business to empower women of all ages, color and ethnicities and teach them that we can have a successful business - on our own. I want to be able to teach others the things that I wish I knew when I had started lashing back in 2016.


For my clients, I want you all to look and feel gorgeous, boost your confidence, and for you ladies to know that every time you come in to get a service done with me - you are receiving quality work. I want you to know that your lashes will not all fall off within 3 days or the following week. I don't want you to think that you can't get lashes because you were told that you can't have lashes due to an allergic reaction. I will make sure that you get quality lashes done and that you don't get an allergic reaction.


“P.S. If I like high quality products and services, why would I give you something less than what I like?”'s not just about putting on takes a lot more to have a successful business.

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