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Increase You Profits & Client Retention With Eyelash Extensions

How do you increase your income with eyelash extensions? Only offer HIGH QUALITY SERVICES & PRODUCTS Before you start raising your prices check yourself first and do these simple few steps first

  1. Is your salon a luxurious environment? (I’m not saying you should spend hundreds and thousands of dollars decorating your salon)

  1. Are the floors clean and spotless?

  1. Is everything nice and tidy?

  1. Does it smell good?

  1. Is your recliner or lash bed clean?

  1. Are you giving them the style that suits them and that they want?

  1. Are they having perfect retention? (They shouldn’t be coming in with gaps in their lashes)

  1. Are you greeting them when they come in to your salon?

  1. Are you making them feel important?

  1. Are you approachable?

  1. Are you answering their messages/calls in a timely manner?

  1. Do you make it easy for them to book appointments with you?

Once you’ve answered “yes” to all these questions let's move on to what you need to do next. Let’s update your lash menu/services first Offer either classic or volume lashes


  • Clients will want more volume than classic lashes – because they want don’t want to pay you for volume lash prices

  • Having too many options will confuse them

  • Don’t have a menu that offers

  • Wispy lashes $xx

  • Volume lashes $xx

  • Mega Volume lashes $xx

  • Add Color $xx

  • Include the styling in the original pricing

  • For example, if a client wants wispy volume charge $185 for a wispy volume, mega volume or Russian volume fill, etc. Anything that has to do with volume charge $185

  • If a client wants wispy classic lashes charge $150 for a fill

  • Don’t charge by the time

  • Ex) 30 mins - $xx

  • Ex) 1.5 hour - $xx

  • Ex) 2 hours - $xx

  • Charge by however much it takes you to complete a full set (100% coverage)

  • Include the styling in it too (wispy, mega volume, color, glitter, etc)

  • For example, if it normally takes you 2.5 hours to compete a volume set – charge $350 for those 2.5 hours whether it takes you 1.5 or 2.5 hours to complete the volume set, charge the same price

  • Stop offering mini fills

  • Clients will want to pay you less and expect more from you

Consultation Take a good 20 minutes to discuss with them what lashes suit them best. Ask them these questions:

  1. Have you ever had lashes before?

  1. Do you wear strip lashes? If so, what style do you tend to lean towards to?

  1. What do you do for a living? Teacher? Lawyer? Nurse? Doctor? Student?

  1. Why do you want your lashes done? Wedding? Party? To cut down on your morning routine?

These questions will help you better guide them as to which style would work best for them. For example, if you have a new client who’s a lawyer, it’ll be very likely that she won’t want mega volume lashes because she must go to court often and look presentable. She wants to look presentable in court and be taken seriously. Therefore, you’re not going to put lashes on her that will make her look like a joke to everyone in court or to her clients. Now if you have a client that’s a hairdresser, you’re more likely to do mega volume lashes on her because they tend to love having their makeup and hair done all the time. If they tell you, “I want lashes like this girl on Instagram.” Explain to them why the lashes will look different on them. It’ll look different because of the eye shape, eye color, face shape, hooded eyes, etc. Instead, tell her, “These lashes won’t look exactly the same because [list the reasons why (eye shape, face shape, eye color, etc). However, what we can do is (we can do a more natural/curlier curl, we can do volume, we can do classic, etc) and explain to them why you are suggesting that. Remember! Always talk about what they will get and/or how they will benefit from your services. Never talk about you or how many certificates you have, how often you take refresher courses. They care about what they’re getting not about what you have. I promise you that if you explain why you are suggesting these things, they will trust you and keep coming back to you. Consultation forms/Deposits We had an artist in one of our workshops ask me if I take deposits and my answer was a NO! I don’t take deposits because personally I don’t feel comfortable giving my money as a deposit to someone who hasn’t done a service on me, yet.

  • Instead ask yourself this question first, “Who are my clients? Are they flaky? Are they reliable?”

  • If your clients are younger, in college, don’t have a steady job or source of income, then chances are they’re going to be flakier than those clients who are in their mid 30’s and up, have a steady job/income

Consultation forms – be very careful with your wording

  • I learned this the hard way, but wording is everything!

  • If you’re using the word “deposit” STOP IT NOW!

  • Instead use the words “BOOKING FEE”

  • Ex. Booking fee $30

  • The reason being is, if your client decides to cancel their appointment last minute and they try to dispute it through their bank, you’ll have a pretty good chance of winning because by saying “Booking fee $30” you’re basically saying that you’re charging them $30 to book an appointment with them. You booked their appointment, so your part of the job was fulfilled. However, you need to be extremely careful with how you word your cancellation policy as well because that’ll all tie in together and help you win any dispute will there ever have to be one.

My advice to you – get yourself an attorney for this and avoid the headaches in the future. It’s expensive, but well worth it (: Retention YOUR RETENTION MUST BE ON POINT!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how many artists tell me that their retention is not that great. This will probably be the #2 reason why clients don’t book with you again. When it comes down to retention, your client should be able to wash their lashes or even shower right after their lash appointment and not have one single lash fall off!!!!!!! Pay attention to the natural lash

  • Based on the natural lash you will be able to tell what type of lash curl you’ll be able to put on it

  • Make sure a good amount of the extension is applied to the natural lash

  • Placement of the extension


  • Don’t let your glue dry before you apply the extension to the natural lash

  • Make sure the lashes are squeaky clean and stop giving them lash baths

Instead, send them to the restroom so they can wash their lashes by themselves because only they know how much pressure they can tolerate around their eyes and they can thoroughly rinse with warm water. P.S. there is nothing luxurious about having cold water squirted onto someone's eyes. Think of LUXURY when working with your client. Learn to manipulate your adhesive!!! I see a lot of you ladies spending a lot of money on adhesive and I get it. Sometimes we get a bad batch of adhesive or maybe we’ve let our adhesive sit out in the direct sunlight without even paying attention. However, most of the time the adhesive you ladies purchase is fine. The problem is that you don’t know how to manipulate it.

  • For example, if your adhesive is drying to quick it may be because your room is too warm so in that case, you’ll want to turn on your A/C to get your room temperature lower

  • If your adhesive is drying to slow it may be because your room is too cold so, then you’ll want to get your room temperature higher

  • My ideal room temperature that has been working best for me is set between 76-78 degrees

We offer an advanced Pro Retention course on this and will be providing you ladies with a discount code. Aftercare Take your time explaining the aftercare. 1. Wash lashes twice daily (morning and at night) 2. Remove all makeup 3. Avoid mascara 4. Avoid sleeping on the face 5. No picking lashes We also had one artist mention in one of our workshops that using a silk pillowcase also helps with the aftercare and retention. Last but not least, let’s talk about your personality and professionalism. I cannot stress this enough, but your personality will probably be 80% if not more, the reason why your clients rebook with you.

  • Be approachable

  • Ask them about how their day went, do they have kids, are they married, where did they move from, etc.

  • Don’t be rude or standoff-ish

  • Reply to their text/calls in a timely manner

  • Stop answering their messages a day or two later, especially when it comes to new clients (remember they want to schedule an appointment right then and there and if you don’t answer quickly, they will find another lash artist)

  • Make them feel like you care about them

  • Learn to hold a conversation with them

When do I raise my prices and how often?

  • Raise them soon and every 5-6 months

How do I raise my prices? What do I say to my clients?

  • Copy and paste this next short paragraph and fill in the blanks. Send to each one of your clients a text message individually saying,

“Hi [name of client], I want to thank you so much for the continued business support you’ve given me over the past [amount of time]. It truly means a lot to me. However, due to high demand as of [date], I will be raising my prices by [$xxx]. I hope you understand and hope to continue doing your lashes with me. Thank you!”

If they text you back asking why you’re raising your prices, repeat what you said to them, “Due to high demand I have to increase my prices.” They will then know that you are in fact, one of the best eyelash artists in the area and just leave it at that. You don’t need to explain to them that your prices went up, that you’re paying $X for rent, supplies, etc. P.S. You deserve a raise as well just like any other employee working in any job. Additional Questions The following questions were asked during the workshops.

  1. How do I break up with a client?

  1. Before you break up with your client, explain to them what is wrong. They may not be following proper aftercare, coming in late all the time, cancelling/rescheduling last minute, making rude comments about you or others that make you feel uncomfortable. Whatever the reason may be, explain to them that if they don’t fix that issue, you will no longer be able to do their lashes, facials, waxing, etc.

  1. If they don’t fix the problem and you’ve had enough of it don’t rebook them and just thank them for coming in and wish them a good day. Try to avoid any confrontation with the client.

  1. When they text you for an appointment text them,

“Hi [name of client], unfortunately due to [the problem] and because we have been unable to fix that issue, I will no longer be able to provide you with any future services. I hope you understand. Thank you.” Leave it at that. If they reply and start arguing don’t reply. Take the high road because the last thing you want is for them to take screenshots of your text messages and upload them on Yelp or social media.

  1. What’s cheaper to work out of?

  1. In my personal opinion, get yourself your own office space. It’ll be bigger and you’ll be able to have more girls to split the rent with you.

  1. If you decide to rent an office space pay attention to the square footage price, the lease terms (if you sign a longer lease with them you tend to get a better deal), location, foot traffic, size of rooms

  1. If you need to redo the flooring, move walls, add a water heater, ask how long they are giving you rent free to get the construction done. You don’t want to pay rent for something you can’t make money out of

  1. If you need to hire a contractor, plumber, etc make sure to look them up on the contractor's state website and check if they have a license to work with and if they’ve ever had any legal issues with work.

  1. If you end up needing a contractor, go over your written contract carefully and make sure you watch these guys closely. If they screw a nail on the wall and you don’t like how it looks TELL THEM! I’m telling you this from experience because I’ve had to deal with this.

  1. Don’t think that just because you have the clients to pay for $xxxx of rent means that you can afford it

  1. How do I avoid stickies in the gel pads/tape?

  1. Stop pushing the lash extension down when you apply to the natural lash.

  1. How do I stop my clients eyes from watering/irritating?

  1. Make sure their eyes are completely shut. The water line should not be exposed at all.

  1. I want to start my own product line – where do I start?

  1. Start by sampling products

  1. Don’t go with the first supplier you find

  1. Be ready to spend money so start saving your money now

  1. Think about packaging – have your logo, brand colors, brand font ready

  1. Don’t order the same products everyone has – be different in your own way

  1. Learn to talk to suppliers and use to correct terms

  1. Learn about the agreement terms you should have with your vendor

We will provide you with a discount code for this class.

  1. How do I get more clientele?

  1. Have a referral program

  1. Give $x of for every client that your client refers to you and give the new client a discount as well

  1. Take quality photos to use for your portfolio

We will provide you with a discount code for our Photography 101 online class.

  1. How do I find a good mentor or class?

  1. Do your research and remember don’t give your money to someone that you wouldn’t trade places with. Get a mentor or a class where you know the mentor/educator has the best interest for you.

Apps that we use to edit to edit photos AirBrush Lightroom Apps that we use to edit to create content Canva Apps and teammates Download the app UpWork Photo editing: Instagram: Logo: Online Courses SHOW PRICE DEALS Branding Course $647 Launch Your Products Course $849 Business Mentoring $1,149 Pro Retention Course $349 Styling Course $349 L+M Curl Course $349 Photography 101 $349 In Person Courses SHOW PRICE DEALS Mixticious Lash Course $697 Fundamentals Beginner Course $1649 Pro Advanced Re-fresher Course $1197 All classes can be reserved with a deposit only. Payments are available for the remaining balance. Please feel free to email us at or text us at 9494301531 so we can place you in the correct class based on your business needs. Remember that we are here to help you ladies! Much love, Dina & Roseli

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