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Eyelash extensions in the beauty salon.


If you are already trained in Eyelash Extensions and want to kick your skill set up a notch, join this MasterClass to learn how to apply volumes, and create perfect sets that will make you stand out from the rest. 


Learn how to do Eyelash Extensions form an award winning artist, judge, speaker, and international educator!


The training is offered in both Private and Group training courses. 





Classic Eyelash Extension certification and experience. 

Proof of work and certification will be required to register. 


Our Volume Training is a 3 Day course

1 day at home learning, and 2 day in person training.


Day 1 - we will email you parts of the curiucluum which you will read through on your own time, at home. This part of the theory is more of an Advanced Classic training for those that have not taken the LIALASH Classic Training before. You will get a lot of extensive and in depth information that might not have been covered during your previous training. 

Day 2 - you will spend in person with the Educator. During this time, we will be teaching you in depth our brand new curriculum composed of manuals and graphics, videos, live demos, practice!

Day 3 - we will spend half of the day learning everything business related! This means mindset, pricing, photo taking and editing, social media and algorithm, branding, and so much more! This way, you will know exactly the steps you need to take to become even MORE successful after the training. The second half of the day you will be working on a live model. We will be doing only one eye on the models, in order to achieve 100% coverage that will help optimize your portfolio and make you see your true potentials. 

Upon successful completion, we will mail you your Certificate of course completion. 


  • What are volume lashes

  • Different types of volume sets

  • Weight conversion

  • 5 Fan making techniques 

  • Hand made fans vs. Clusters

  • Layering

  • Perfect fan

  • Proper pickup

  • How to gain speed without compromising your work

  • Fan base and angle of application

  • Square, pointy and needle base

  • Volume bases and angling of application 

  • Transitioning from classics to volumes

  • Troubleshooting fans

  • Safety and infection control

  • Disinfecting your tools

  • Contraindications

  • Allergies and irritation

  • lengths, curls and diameters

  • Direction control

  • Adhesive 101: shelf life, storage, amount

  • Retention

  • Eye shapes and styling

  • Cleansing lashes

  • Application times and frequency

  • Step by step application

  • Refills

  • Aftercare

  • Pricing

  • How to build a clientele

  • Business and mindset

  • Social media

  • Photo taking and editing

  • Product knowledge

BONUS CHAPTERS included in the manual:

  • Understanding natural lashes

  • Eye disorders

  • Types of eyelash extensions

  • Patch test

  • Workplace set up

  • Ergonomics

  • Cancellation policy

  • Consultation

  • Intake and consent form

  • Bottom lash application

  • Removing eyelash extensions


  • 2 multi length trays 

  • Isolation tweezers

  • Volume tweezers

  • Tweezer case

  • scotch restickable tabs

  • Lash storage tray

  • Lash tile 

  • Adhesive

  • Jade stone stickers

  • Applicators 

  • Silicone brushes

  • Under eye pads

  • Sensitive skin tape x2

  • Cleansing brushes

  • Manual 

Value over $350 included in the kit!


  • The most in depth eyelash extension training in Canada!

  • Videos, illustrations and live demos to optimize your learning experience

  • Brand new and improved LIALASH manual with the most up to date knowledge and education

  • More hands on experience

  • Extensive business plan

  • Social media and photography knowledge to improve your portfolio and advertisement 

  • Quality products

  • Nationally accredited training  

  • Extra information for Classic Eyelash Extension improvement, health and safety


  • Written test during training

  • Observation and feedback on live model


You will receive a LIALASH Pro Certificate of Excellence after you have passed all the assessment requirements. 

Sealed and Accredited by National Association of Lash Artists


  • Access to our Facebook support group

  • Student Instagram account where all the students work will be advertised to help you attract clients

  • Exclusive student support email where you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We offer ongoing support to all our students! If you have any questions, want feedback, or simply encouragement, just email us and we’ll be happy to support you in your journey!




Group training - $1,800 CAD +tax PROMO

(Regular price $2,000 CAD +tax)


JULY 21-22






Financing available. Click here for more details. 

Volume Training: Our Products
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